Attorney Jacqueline Harounian on Navigating Divorce & Child Custody During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Child Custody

As the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep across the country—people are searching for information on how to navigate some of life’s more complex matters. To help provide some of those answers, Attorney Jacqueline Harounian, a partner at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, recently appeared on Hazmat Hotel, a podcast hosted by Lea Goldman that covers how the current health crisis will change—and has already changed—how we live our lives.

During her interview, Ms. Harounian discussed a number of legal issues that couples, parents, and families are now facing due to COVID-19, such as whether custody arrangements can or should be changed in order to protect their children, how to obtain an order of protection now that courts are closed, and whether we can expect to see divorce rates rise (as many outlets have predicted) thanks to coronavirus.

In addition, Ms. Harounian provided her professional recommendations regarding advocating for a family member or loved one in the hospital or a nursing home when you are not allowed to see them, as well as why now is such an important time to create a solid estate plan.

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Attorney Jacqueline Harounian is highly regarded as a leader in the field of family law. With an impressive and varied background, including an advanced degree in Behavioral Forensic Psychology and Family Systems Therapy, she brings a unique perspective to her cases. Ms. Harounian is not only respected for her in-depth knowledge of matrimonial and family law; she is also well-known as an experienced trial and appellate lawyer. While she strives to achieve mutually favorable settlements, she is unafraid to pursue her clients’ best interests at trial when necessary.

In addition to her legal practice, Ms. Harounian is committed to giving back to her community. She has donated time and resources to numerous causes here on Long Island and has provided pro bono work for The Safe Center, an organization that provides a range of services, from housing to counseling to referrals, for individuals in need in the community.

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