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Dedicated Forest Hills Divorce Attorney

At Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, we know that divorce can be one of the toughest trials in a person’s life. Time and time again, we’ve been there for clients who were facing uncertain futures for both themselves and, oftentimes, their own children. More than that, our firm has been proud to serve these members of our Forest Hills community and help them not only put their divorce behind them but also navigate the process to the best possible outcome.

That’s the kind of legal service only 150 years of combined experience can provide. Since 1976, we’ve made it our firm’s mission to provide comprehensive support during this difficult time, and over the course of countless cases, we have honed strategies and compiled resources to make sure our clients’ interests are in the very best hands.

Clients who hire Wisselman, Harounian & Associates can count on:

  • Firm leadership from New York Metro Area Super Lawyers®
  • Unparalleled family law experience from thousands of handled cases
  • Compassionate, sensitive, and accessible legal services

Our Comprehensive Scope of Service

Our priority as a firm is to deliver unparalleled legal guidance and representation to our clients. Since our founding over 40 years ago, we have become celebrated in the legal community for our incredible record of successfully resolved high-conflict and high-net-worth cases. Our lawyers excel in mediation, negotiation, strategy development, and trial preparation.

Over the course of our decades of legal services, our team has amassed unmatched experience in a wide array of family law matters. We pride ourselves on offering our clients timely, thorough solutions for whatever their divorce or family law issue might be.

Our proven experience covers, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Divorce and separation cases
  • Child support and child custody
  • Domestic violence
  • Same-sex marriages
  • Alienation
  • Pre and postnuptial agreements
  • Child abduction
  • Grandparental rights
  • Orders of protection (restraining orders)
  • Estate planning (wills, trusts, etc.)

No matter what your divorce, family law, or estate planning issue may be, we urge you to call us. We have a skilled Forest Hills family law attorney ready to present every viable legal option available to you.

Compassion & Experience You Can Count On

Few legal matters are as delicate as divorce and family law cases. Emotions run high and there is so much as stake for all those involved. For over 40 years, our team at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates has established themselves as advocates for their clients both in and out of the courtroom.

But as much as we’ve built a reputation for deftly handling these sensitive matters, we’ve also made it clear that our clients are aggressively fought for in litigation if need be. Our reputation precedes us in the courtroom and our extensive, hands-on divorce experience means that there’s no complication we haven’t resolved in the past. Even if you believe you’re at an extreme disadvantage in your divorce hearing, our team will tirelessly strategize a way to put your best foot forward before the judge.

Our Legal Team is Here for You

Facing a divorce and its myriad of uncertainties can be intimidating and even frightening when there is so much at stake. Wisselman, Harounian & Associates affords clients much need confidence when confronting divorce and family matter procedures. We ensure their rights are protected, their voices are heard, and their futures are looked after. We’ve done this for countless people in the New York Metro community and we’re ready to do it for you as well.

If you or a loved one is facing a family law matter you cannot trust to just anyone, we invite you to call us at your earliest convenience. We have a team of proven Forest Hills divorce lawyers standing by to assist you. Schedule your free consultation today!

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