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The law affects virtually every facet of our lives. One of the most impactful areas of law involves marriage and relationships. Many adult Americans have aspirations to get married and start a family. Furthermore, a significant number of married couples end up getting divorced. Marriage is a legally recognized relationship that is the source of certain duties an individual assumes by law. Moreover, the parent-child relationship is a special relationship recognized by law that serves as the basis for several legal rights and responsibilities. For couples who are not married, there are still legal issues with regard to custody, travel, child support and ownership of property. Some couples are concerned about inheritance, separate property, IVF, medical costs, and guardianship. Our firm handles all of these issues!

The chances of someone encountering a legal issue related to family law are significant. Some family law matters can be “messy” or complicated. In such cases, you should seek the professional counsel of a licensed Bayside family lawyer at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates.

Our legal team has focused their practice on assisting Bayside residents and their families with major legal disputes involving New York divorce and family law. We believe in a taking a compassionate yet objective approach to legal representation, so you have an empathetic and effective advisor who can also champion your cause and give you straight advice.

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Comprehensive Family Law Representation

The practice of family law covers a lot of concerns, particularly when it comes to New York domestic relations and matrimonial law. As a result, a successful family law attorney must have a sophisticated understanding about how such laws interact and apply to a client’s case.

At Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, our legal team has numerous years of experience negotiating and litigating family law cases in New York, including:

  • DivorceA couple with plans to end their marriage faces significant legal issues that are often very complex. We can guide you through each stage of the divorce process.
  • Child CustodyWhen a child’s parents divorce or are unmarried, the law is concerned with determining a living arrangement that promotes the child’s best interest. Our team is ready to advise you about custody and visitation arrangements.
  • Child SupportThe law has an interest in securing the necessary financial support for children to protect their welfare. We have the experience and knowledge of child support laws to effectively counsel you about your rights and responsibilities.
  • Spousal SupportThe issue of spousal support—also known as alimony or maintenance—is a major part of divorces as it can impact one’s financial obligations for years. You can rely on our legal team to represent your interests in matters involving spousal support.
  • Asset DivisionAnother major part of a divorce case involves the distribution of marital assets that the married couple once shared, including real estate, pensions, businesses and investment accounts. Because significant wealth may be at stake, we are dedicated to fighting for your financial and property interests.
  • Legal SeparationWhen a marriage is on shaky ground, a couple may get a legal separation, which can be converted into a divorce months or years later. We will advise you about the legal implications of this process and whether it is appropriate for your case.
  • Annulment and Religious Divorce: If you have questions about an annulment, religious divorce, Mahr, or Jewish Get, give us a call. We have significant experience in these areas.
  • MediationFamilies stand to benefit significantly from alternative methods of resolving their issues without court intervention. We help determine the pros and cons of mediation and represent you throughout the process.

Legal Counsel for Complex Divorce Issues

No divorce case is the same. Some divorce cases have complex legal issues that demand significant skill, experience, and knowledge regarding sophisticated issues of law. The complexity of a divorce case depends on the factors, such as the number of minor children involved, the net worth the parties accumulated, commingling of separate property or inheritance with marital property, and/ or a party’s history of misconduct, substance abuse, mental illness or domestic violence.

If you are facing a more complicated divorce issue, you can bet that a member of our legal team is prepared to advise you and empower you. With 150+ years of combined legal experience, our partners and attorneys have an extensive background when it comes to practicing family law in New York. Our attorneys have received the top awards in the industry, as well as the respect and recognition of their peers. Our firm is one of the largest and best-regarded firms in New York because of our track record of success inside and outside the courtroom, as well as our commitment to excellent representation of our clients to improve their lives.

Our attorneys at Wisselman, Harounian, & Associates have significant experience with various issues under New York domestic relations laws, including:

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Family relationships are often the most important part of people’s lives. Accordingly, legal disputes affecting family relationships can involve high stakes with lifelong repercussions. Because the legal ramifications of family law cases can be so significant, it is highly recommended that you consult an attorney in Bayside with extensive family law experience. At Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, our seasoned and talented legal team is committed to advocating for your legal rights and making a positive difference during a challenging time. Call us today for a free consultation so we can help.

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