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In Long Island, joint legal custody of a child involves both parents sharing in the legal decision-making process regarding the upbringing of their child. This includes decisions that have to do with schooling, religion, and medical care, but excludes smaller day-to-day matters such as what the child wears. In such an arrangement, one parent will typically have primary physical custody, meaning that the child will spend the majority of their time with that parent. The other parent will have visitation rights. Joint legal custody cannot be granted by the court unless both parents are in full agreement regarding the arrangement.

If you share custody of your child with your ex-spouse and require legal help to resolve an issue related to the custody arrangement, contact Wisselman, Harounian & Associates. Our firm has decades of experience in practicing family law, and we are well versed in all its aspects, including the area of child custody. We can provide you with compassionate, informed, and strategic legal representation that is intended to secure the result you desire in your custody case.

It’s not uncommon for parents to experience emotional and mental unrest during child custody disputes. The complicated mix of internal and external stressors often leads to antagonistic behaviors that may have a negative impact on the court’s overall verdict. Our attorneys work closely with our clients to help them remain calm and composed during negotiations and court sessions.

Child Custody Standards

Decisions made in court in child custody cases are always based upon what is in the “best interest of the child.” This standard requires that the court take many different factors into consideration, including:

  • Each parent’s availability
  • The parents’ focus on child development
  • Which of the parents is the primary caretaker

In hiring an attorney in your joint legal custody case, you will have someone who can clearly illustrate to the court that your desired result is the one that is best for the needs and requirements of your child.

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