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Divorce rates used to be highest for younger couples who encountered the fallout from rushing into marriage or dealing with financial or parenting stress. However, there is a new trend of older couples getting divorced, after they have raised their families and achieved financial stability. The trend is called Gray divorce. When a couple divorces in mid-life — over the age of 50 through age 70 by some standards — or after decades of marriage, it falls into the category called a gray divorce. It is a trend that has been increasing dramatically in recent years.

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Why are Older Couples Getting Divorced?

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to divorce. New York has been a no-fault divorce state since 2010, so grounds for divorce are no longer required other than a breakdown of the relationship. No fault grounds have reduced the stigma of filing for divorce for most individuals. Other reasons for the rise in Gray Divorce include:

Commonly cited reasons for Gray Divorces include:

  • No longer feeling connected after years of growing apart.
  • Different interests and goals.
  • Hardships of age complicating relationships.
  • Looking for ways to self-improve in golden years.
  • Poor financial and retirement management drives spouses apart.
  • Dramatic decrease in sex drive and intimacy.
  • Differences in desired activity levels due to age or health problems.
  • Economic independence by women compared to previous generations.

Special Circumstances in a Gray Divorce

For the most part, a gray divorce will be like any other divorce. You have to discuss spousal support, shared debts and equitable distribution. You might not need to negotiate child custody and child support if all your children are independent adults by the time you divorce. What you should give your attention, though, are special financial accounts and assets that have grown significantly in value across your marriage.

Your gray divorce may be complicated by the existence and pending division of:

  • Retirement accounts
  • The marital residence
  • Pension plans
  • Profit-sharing and stock options
  • Nest eggs
  • Life insurance policies
  • Debts, including college education for children

It will be our job as your divorce attorneys to help fairly assess the value of high-value assets like these to make certain equitable distribution stays truly equitable or fair. Many of our gray divorce clients have been financially reliant on their spouses for most of their marriages, and they have planned to use their spouses’ retirement accounts to retire themselves. Our experienced team of family lawyers have successfully mediated and litigated to reach fair divorce outcomes that do not leave anyone financially stranded.

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