Enforcing Child Custody in Long Island

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Child custody is an important issue that must be settled in the divorce process. Oftentimes, this decision is very emotional and an agreement is difficult to reach. If the parents cannot come to a solution on their own, a judge will have to get involved and make the decision for them.

There are two general categories of custody: physical and legal. Physical custody deals with where the child is actually living while legal custody deals with who has the authority to make decisions regarding the child’s life. Such decisions could include:

  • Education
  • Religious affiliation
  • General course of life
  • Medical care

The parent who is not granted physical custody will be given visitation rights. A schedule will be set up for the visitation rights of the parent.

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Contempt of Court

Unfortunately, the decisions the courts make concerning custody are not always followed by one or both parties. This can have serious legal ramifications. If your former spouse refuses to follow the custody ruling made by a judge, you can take action. The most common way of enforcing a court-ordered visitation schedule is petitioning for contempt of court. This sanction can be imposed on an individual who has clearly and repeatedly refused to follow a court authority’s order. When a person is found in contempt of court they can be fined or even be subject to jail time. The punishments that the party who defied the order receives will depend on the frequency and severity of the violation.

In the most severe cases, the physical custody arrangement may even be altered. The courts take the enforcement of custody and visitation rights very seriously. A continual refusal to adhere to the court’s ruling could mean a revocation of physical custody rights. If your former spouse has continually breached the visitation schedule that the two of you agreed to, you should take action.

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