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At Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, we understand that no two divorce cases are alike. Whether you’re facing a volatile divorce or a relatively peaceful separation, we are ready to help you with the best legal representation our attorneys can offer. At the firm, we have more than 150 years of combined legal experience; let us put this knowledge to good use for you. Our Dix Hill divorce lawyers are highly respected in family law. With a primary focus on divorce litigation, we are ranked as one of the largest divorce law firms in the area.

As a family law firm, we are whole-heartedly dedicated to giving our clients the exemplary legal assistance they need. Family and matrimonial law can be complicated – not to mention emotionally exhausting. We understand. This is why our lawyers are willing to work with you, giving your case the personalized attention it needs to find a reasonable solution to your legal circumstances. Our attorneys pride themselves in being assertive, persistence, and aggressive while maintaining an attitude of compassion and respect towards our clients.

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Experience and Results: Areas of Practice

Wisselman, Harounian & Associates is celebrated in the legal community for our zealous client advocacy, compassionate legal guidance, and personalized case strategies. In the past, our attorneys have handled every type of matrimonial legal issue – including pre / postnuptial agreements. If you are reticent to establish a prenuptial agreement, remember this: prenuptial agreements can help a relationship. Additionally, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements help couples avoid future conflict.

If you are interested in pursuing a pre or postnuptial agreement, you may want to take these issues into consideration:

If you prefer to keep the termination of your marriage private, you may want to consider divorce mediation, instead. Many couples are more comfortable with the privacy that mediation offers – especially if the divorce is not contested and relatively mutual. If you determine that divorce is the best option for your family’s future, take child custody into careful consideration. We are ready to help you deal with a child custody case. Even if your divorce is mutual, child custody is often difficult and heartbreaking. Remember this: the best child custody agreement is what’s more healthy for your child.

As a resident of one of the most affluent communities in the United States, we know that your child’s future, education, and well-being are of vital importance to your happiness and quality of living. If you need help settling a child support case, visitation case, or father’s rights issue, call Wisselman, Harounian & Associates. We are experienced in every facet of family law and want to help you achieve the favorable case outcome you deserve. Our lawyers excel in helping our clients resolve high conflict and high net worth cases. Some couples want to avoid divorce. If you are facing serious marital difficulty but want to legally maintain your marriage, speak with our firm about legal separation.

Resolving Complicated Family Law Cases

We are leaders in the field of family law and divorce because we are committed to making a positive difference in our clients’ lives. Our lawyers take the time to learn about our clients’ personal circumstances and legal goals, thereby ensuring that the customized case strategies we develop truly benefit their individual situations and achieve their desired results.

Besides matrimonial litigation, we are experienced in other complex family law matters. We have helped clients with thousands of family law cases, including custody cases, visitation disputes, domestic violence cases, and parental alienation issues. One of the most complicated legal issues a family can face is child abduction. Sometimes, disgruntled parents abduct their children because they do not have visitation rights or custody. If your former spouse has taken your children illegally, we are here for you.

At Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, we are ready to handle same-sex marriage and divorce issues. Even though New York acknowledges same-sex marriages, the United States federal government does not. This creates a great deal of technical legal issues that need to be dealt with in same-sex matrimonial law. To make sure that your rights are protected and your family legal matters handled effectively and correctly, call our firm that is ready to utilize more than 150 years of combined legal experience to your advantage. We will fight with enthusiasm and aggression to help you achieve a favorable result.

Other Cases We Handle

Besides divorce litigation, Wisselman, Harounian & Associates is experienced in other fields of practice, too. For instance, we practice real estate, business, and estate law along with family law. We are ready to help our clients maintain financial security while giving them peace of mind about the future. Utilizing our past experience and success, we are ready to take the knowledge we have accumulated over the years to help you plan your estate or protect your business.

Whether you want to negotiate buying or selling a home, form a business, or protect your assets, we can help you. Schedule your free case consultation and we can discuss your options. We understand the legalities that are involved with these types of laws and we can assist you from start to finish. Call today.

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