Child Custody for Grandparents

Child Custody

For a growing number of families across the United Sates, grandparents play a major role in raising their grandchildren. This is particularly true as thousands of American parents lose their lives to the opioid epidemic that is currently plaguing the country.

According to social workers, children of parents who suffer from opioid addiction are often neglected or abandoned. Because the foster care system is so overcrowded, caseworkers often turn to grandparents to care for the children of addicts. Currently, there are more than 258,000 children in the foster care system because of their parent’s dependence on alcohol or drugs. Roughly one-third of these children live with other family members, most of whom are grandparents.

Donna Butts, the executive director of a family advocacy group in Washington D.C., says, “Grandparents provide this protective web of love and roots and hope, whereas children who come into the foster care system or into the care of law enforcement lose that sense of connection with their family.”

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