Is Seeking a “Revenge Body” the Right Step to Take After Your Divorce?


If you’ve watched television or followed Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen your fair share of content coming from TV star Khloe Kardashian’s latest show “Revenge Body”. This show is about celebrities getting in shape after the breakup of a relationship or divorce, which has made seeking a “revenge body” more popular than ever.

The motivation for revenge is a driving force for many individuals after they get divorced. Feelings of betrayal after infidelity or abandonment by a spouse can cause tremendous pain and anger. If the partner has moved on to another relationship, the spouse that is left behind can feel the motivation to spite their ex in an attempt to make themselves feel better about the situation. This may mean getting on a dating app, starting a diet or going to the gym. It can mean getting plastic surgery or getting a beauty makeover. However, pursuing a revenge body may not be the healthiest coping method following your divorce.

What Is a Revenge Body?

The goal of a “revenge body” can cause an individual to channel all of their emotions from the divorce into becoming more externally appealing. The purpose of this is to essentially become the best version of yourself through whichever means necessary, to make your ex dwell on their mistake of ever letting you go in the first place.

While it may seem like a good thing to be the best physical version of yourself, achieving this “new hot body” is often done through unhealthy methods such as:

  • Extreme dieting
  • Working out strenuously
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Costly wardrobe, hair, and makeup

Is Seeking a Revenge Body Healthy?

Choosing to improve yourself following a major life transition like a divorce is never a bad thing. It’s the reasons behind your choice and the way you choose to go about it that makes the decision “healthy” or not. Essentially, your reasoning for getting into shape should be based on your own wants and desires, not seeking revenge on your ex. Even more important can be setting goals that have to do with your “insides”: such as mental health therapy, meditation, forming new relationships with friends, going to church or a spiritual retreat, or going back to school to improve career options in the future. Other priorities can be spending time with your children who are likely impacted by the divorce, or other ways to invest in your future that are not based on revenge.

Will your life improve? Will you feel better about yourself and your past relationship? What will this accomplish?

These questions will allow you to ground yourself and look at your reasoning for seeking a revenge body. If you are genuinely doing it for yourself, then, of course, getting in shape is always a great choice. However, it’s extremely important for you to be doing it for yourself, and not your ex.

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