Mom’s Night Out

Child Support

What do you get when you fill a room with a group of moms in various stages of divorce, professionals who genuinely care, great food, and a wonderful wine tasting selection? A successful evening where everyone goes home feeling supported, encouraged, and empowered.

Something special happened that evening in July, when The Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. and Reinvention Life Coaching collaborated with Ed’s NYC Divorce Support Group, hosted by Baback Panah of Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, with wine tasting by Grand Harvest Wines.

Long Island divorce lawyer Lauren Chartan set the positive tone by sharing a brief “Divorce 101 Overview” which she delivered in a caring, compassionate, patient, and enlightening manner. Moms felt confident in the information that they learned and knew that they had a bright and talented professional to turn to with all of their questions.

Coach Heidi Krantz stepped in to motivate all to move from “Breakup to Breakthrough” and engaged everyone in a goal setting activity that made even the most challenging life transition feel achievable. This really opened up the group to participate in discussion which helped each member focus on her strengths.

Questions and answers were unlimited, answered by all professionals with patience, honesty, and dedication. Some of the topics brought up by moms for clarification from Lauren Chartan included options for child custody arrangements, clarification of what is considered marital property, maintenance for the non-monied spouse who has not been working outside the home and how child support is calculated. There was interest in true 50/50 child custody arrangements and the question of how commonly this is decided upon and if this arrangement is used with greater frequency in recent times.

A coaching demonstration with Heidi Krantz generated questions about how to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and break down the daunting task of going back to school, furthering one’s education or career, and becoming licensed in one’s field. The topic of moms taking care of everyone else and putting themselves last was a common theme for discussion as well. Clarification of the differences between therapy and Life Coaching were explained and this felt helpful to moms in identifying the appropriate support during divorce.

The wine tasting wrapped up the evening with smiles, laughter, and genuine connection. Somehow, even with some of the most serious topics being discussed, nothing felt insurmountable that evening.

The sincere desire to help and support was the common thread that bound attorney, life coach, insurance professional, wine connoisseur, and group leader together. It was gratifying, stimulating, creative, and a lot of fun.

What was contagious that July evening? A positive attitude in the face of challenge.

This blog post is written by guest blogger Heidi Krantz, OTR, CPC Professional Life Coach

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