“A Healthy High”: Spreading Awareness and Reducing the Stigma Regarding Marijuana

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The Great Neck Record featured an article authored by Wisselman, Harounian & Associate’s very own Attorney Jacqueline Harounian titled “A Healthy High.” The article is the first of a two-part series that aims to spread awareness and reduce the stigma of medicinal marijuana. This blog summarizes some of the significant points Jackie makes in her article.

Benefits of Legalization

Jackie’s article highlights the economic benefits of marijuana legalization. According to an analysis by Syracuse University, the marijuana legalization could bring in up to $3.3 billion in revenue for the state of New York. As a result, the state could potentially benefit from $500 million in tax revenue to fund necessary government programs.

If recreational marijuana is legalized, government regulation will play an integral part in promoting the safety and quality of marijuana use. A well-regulated marijuana market also has the potential to mitigate the negative consequences of opioid use and prescription abuse. Marijuana legalization could reduce the disproportionate criminal prosecution of minority groups and unburden prisons.

Regulatory Measures and Efforts

Jackie’s article discusses a recent North Hempstead zoning regulation for medical marijuana facilities prohibiting them from operating within a thousand feet of a school, park, child-care center or house of worship and restricting such facilities from being within 500 feet of a residential zone. The regulation also limits the total number of dispensaries to two.

Jackie also cites to a 75-page report from the New York State Department of Health which recommended the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. The report concluded that the “positive effects of a regulated marijuana market in New York State outweigh the potential negative impacts.”

How Marijuana Legalization Can Impact Family Law Issues

The law regarding marijuana use is rapidly evolving. More and more states, including New York, are embracing the prospect of decriminalizing recreational marijuana. However, cannabis remains a prohibited substance under federal law. This conflict creates plenty of challenging legal questions for parents, individuals, and families.

For example, in the context of child custody determinations, marijuana use is a controversial issue when it comes to the best interests of the child. Furthermore, there are occasions where a spouse’s substance use in the house justifies the need for a protection order in family court, particularly when minor children reside in the same household. Legal and political developments in the next few years could change how these issues are argued and resolved in family court.

About Jacqueline Harouninan

Jackie is a leading legal mind and voice in matrimonial and family law. In addition to her work as a family law attorney, Jackie has experience in other disciplines such as Behavioral Forensic Psychology and Family Systems Therapy. Her diverse academic background gives Jackie a versatile skillset from which she can apply to her divorce, custody and support cases. Jackie’s studies in psychology inspired her to learn more about drug use and addiction. Jackie’s article can be found on the Great Neck Record’s website at: https://greatneckrecord.com/a-healthy-high/

Please stay tuned for a follow-up piece from Jackie on this topic.

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