Are HQ Trivia Winnings Considered Income For Child Support Purposes?

Child Support

You begin with 1.5 million other hopefuls seeking to successfully answer all of Scott Rogowskys’ HQ trivia questions. You correctly answer the final question and learn you are the only winner of the entire $2,500 prize!

You are under a court order to pay child support. Here now is Question Number 1:

Are your winnings considered income for child support purposes?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

And the answer is:


New York Domestic Relations Law § 240(1–b)(e) provides that the Court may allocate a proportion of non-recurring payments from extraordinary sources, such as a game show money prize or lottery winnings, to child support.

By the way, New York withholds money from people receiving lottery winnings if they are, or have been, on public assistance during the previous 10 years. If they have, the state can seize up to 50 percent of the winner’s pay out to help pay back what they’ve gotten in public assistance.

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