Attorney Jacqueline Harounian Receives a 10.0 on Avvo


Avvo is a directory website that lists the majority of attorneys in America and gives them a score based on data inputted into a mathematical equation. Recently, accomplished Attorney Jacqueline Harounian from Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C., received a 10.0 out of 10 rating on this website. This is a perfect score that is only achieved by people who have showed expertise in their area of law. In order to obtain this honor, Jacqueline Harounian had to display experience in her field and merit industry recognition from others.

The website gathered satisfied testimonials from her clients and observed her track record of successes. When Avvo is creating a score for an attorney, they look at the lawyer’s professional conduct and see how they have been rated by other services online. They look at an attorney’s accomplishments and will take into account whether or not he or she has ever been cited for unprofessional conduct. After Avvo has gathered information about an attorney, they then will process that information through a mathematical calculation that was developed by legal professionals.

This formula is unbiased and shows no favoritism. While the process may be a bit complicated, the final result is a simple number that can help you to understand more about the firm and determine whether or not they are a wise choice for you. Attorney Jacqueline Harounian has displayed superb levels of experience and professional conduct, which is why she was honored with the highest score possible on the website. Attorney Jacqueline Harounian has been practicing law for 18 years in the state of New York and has litigated in countless divorce and family cases. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer you can trust, then check out Attorney Jacqueline Harounian today!

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