Attorney Jerome Wisselman Featured on Business Profits in the REAL World with Michael Kessler

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This past June, Attorney Jerome Wisselman was a guest on Michael Kessler’s Long Island news radio show, Business Profits in the REAL World, featured on WRCN 103.9. The show, which brings listeners in the New York Metro area information and tips on how to make their businesses more profitable, has received rave reviews from people who have found great success in growing their businesses with Kessler’s advice.

During his interview, Jerry begins by giving a bit of background about how he got started. Many people may not know that Jerry was originally an accountant. He later decided to go to law school, and started his career as a tax lawyer. After seizing an opportunity to work with a New York matrimonial law attorney, he later opened his own practice in 1976. Since then, Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. has grown to become one of the largest and most successful matrimonial law firms on Long Island.

In addition to matrimonial law, Jerry and his associates are also able to advise business owners in regards to succession planning. It is important to work with an attorney as a small business owner, he says, because small business owners are often extremely busy, especially in the beginning stages of their venture. Allowing someone else to help take care of their needs can allow them the time and freedom to do what they do best rather than having to worry about every single detail of their business.

In addition to his skill, a large part of Jerry’s success can be attributed to the quality of the relationships he forms with his clients. Honesty, education, and open communication are valuable assets in maintaining a productive relationship aimed at achieving the client’s best interests. In Jerry’s experience, he has found that business owners can truly benefit from the help of a planner who can assist not only with the current situation, but also anticipate any needs or concerns that are likely to come up in the future. Jerry is not afraid to speak up if his clients are doing something counterproductive; his goal is always to point them in the direction that will help them reap the most professional and personal benefit.

Jerry closes the show by offering this key point of advice in developing a successful business: treat your employees the same way you would expect to be treated if you were working for someone else. This encourages loyalty and motivation and is invaluable in helping build and grow a business. There are currently over 20 dedicated and hardworking professionals at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C., and their commitment to the services they provide has never faltered.

To hear more of Jerry’s advice for business owners, please click here to listen to the entire segment.

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