Attorney Presents with Author about Divorcing Parents of Special Needs Children


With parents of children with special needs divorce, there are unique considerations that need to be discussed in the event of a divorce. Attorney Lloyd Rosen examined some of these issues in a co-presentation with Tom Gibson, author of “Lost in the System,” on September 24, 2012 at The Book Revue in Huntington, NY.

Tom Gibson’s book unfolds as he and his wife discover that their young son Max is losing his hearing, leading to complete hearing loss by the age of four. Tom Gibson’s book details his experiences as a father fighting for his son to receive proper special education services in a North Shore Long Island school district.. As Max’s education battle takes precedent, Tom Gibson’s family relationships suffer, and he ultimately separates from his wife.

Since divorce rates for parents of children with special needs are higher than in the general population, this is an important topic for discussion. For more information on his book, “Lost in the System”, please the website:

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