Attorney Trager Talks Collaborative Divorce with Long Island Business News


Many people rightfully assume that a divorce can devolve into heated arguments, frustrations, and legal conflicts. But with collaborative divorce strategies, much of the headaches can be avoided. Long Island Business News recently spoke to Attorney Jordan E. Trager of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates to discuss all the benefits of collaborative divorce, many of which are unknown by most people.

Within a collaborative divorce process, both spouses have to agree to work together up front, setting the stage early for cooperation, not competition. Industry experts, such as specially trained collaborative divorce attorneys and financial planners, will be called to conference room, not courtroom, meetings to discuss the terms of the divorce. Through these scheduled meetings, progress is made, sometimes quite quickly, and the divorce can hopefully conclude with no conflict; there might be disagreements but the collaborative environment is designed to keep them civil and kempt.

As Jordan pointed out during his discussion with Long Island Business News, putting collaborative divorce attorneys to work on a case generally keeps the cost lower and the timeline shorter. Since both lawyers are trained specially for collaboration, the likelihood of delays or obstacles is much lower than a traditional, court-ran divorce. In addition to speeding up the divorce process, couples who choose to use collaborative divorce can keep their private lives private. Issues brought to court can be handed freely to the public, but those discussed in an attorney’s office or conference room are largely confidential.

Spreading the Word About Collaborative Divorce

Not many couples in Long Island know about collaborative divorce. “[…] People are accustomed to litigation and think this is the way it’s supposed to be done,” Trager was quoted in the recent article. In an effort to let more people know about how and why to consider collaboration, focused programs are being developed throughout New York, including the Collaborative Divorce Resolutions group and the Mediation Program for Separating and Divorcing Parents.

With more than 20 years of legal experience under his belt, Attorney Trager is prepared and capable of managing a collaborative divorce case and one that needs to go to trial. If you live on Long Island and want to file for divorce, or if you have been handed divorce papers, contact Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, and talk to our trusted Carle Place family attorneys, including Mr. Trager. During a free initial consultation, we would be happy to discuss the benefits of collaborative divorce in more detail.

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