Conducting Yourself Legally and Appropriately Online

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The internet is a powerful tool that everyone should be able to use without worrying about being harassed. It is unreasonable to expect others to act appropriately online if you do not behave that way yourself.

A good general rule for conducting yourself legally and appropriately online is to treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

In addition, there are some simple guidelines you can follow in order to act legally and appropriately online. Read on to learn about them.

Online Safety Guidelines

Our internet safety guidelines will help provide you with the tools you need in order to keep yourself secure while using the internet:

  • Shield your privacy. Before you post anything online, consider the consequences thoroughly. This is especially true when posting identifiable information about yourself, your family, or your friends. It is a good idea to keep online profiles private so that no one you don’t know is able to see your information.
  • Watch out for unconfirmed resources. You’ve heard the saying, “I read it online, so it must be true.” This couldn’t be further from accurate. People post all kinds of information online all the time, but it’s not all verified and correct. Mindfully contemplate the viability of the sources you inspect for their origins, the sources’ respectability, and how the information is portrayed in other sources.
  • The internet is public. Remember that just about anyone can view the information you post online. Think about the content you post very carefully before hitting that “share” button.
  • Don’t plagiarize. It is unlawful in the United States to copy someone else’s work and publish it as your own. There are serious consequences to these types of offenses, so always make sure you’re giving credit when it’s due.

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