Cooperative Divorce (also known as Uncontested Divorce) – What You Need to Know

Uncontested Divorce

Our firm guides clients through the divorce process in New York. If your case is contested, we can stand by your side and uphold your interests in court. Our firm also provides mediation services to clients who want to work with the other party to find effective solutions to their divorce issues.

What is cooperative divorce (also known as uncontested divorce) and what benefits does it provide?

Cooperative divorce is an ideal divorce scenario. It means both you and your spouse agree to all the terms and aspects of dividing the property, paying child support and maintenance, and sharing custody of your children. Cooperative divorce often involves an amicable discussion, where you and your spouse sit down and make decisions regarding important factors. This is a relatively simple and easy way to obtain a divorce without having to go through the expensive process of litigation.

The Importance of Legal Counsel

Even in cooperative divorce, having experienced representation on your side is important. An attorney can make a list of all the important aspects you should discuss with your spouse, including some things you may not have thought about. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer can also advise you on decisions that will affect your financial wellbeing, as well as your relationship with your children. Thus, it is helpful to obtain legal counsel to walk you through the process, even in a cooperative divorce.

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