Divorce and Social Media Don’t Mix


Filing for divorce? Beware of what you post on social media! The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers conducted a survey of its members to see how, if at all, social media affected divorce actions. 70% of the attorneys surveyed reported using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for evidence in divorce and custody battles. What Facebook users amidst divorces do not realize, is that even if they delete their posts or try to cover their tracks, it is possible to uncover a myriad of incriminating evidence that the other side may bring to court. Those pictures of you frolicking on the beach with your new boyfriend can be used against you in your divorce action. Posts that may be construed as inappropriate could be raised in your custody battle. Trying to argue that you’re the more fit parent of the two? Your spouse could uncover those photos of you at a bar and use them against you!

It is so commonplace for Facebook users to share everything that happens in their lives, that Facebook is like a gold mine when it comes to finding evidence against your spouse, one that is completely free to access! So what can you do to protect yourself? There is nothing you can do about content that was already posted prior to commencement, but you can help yourself going forward. Try to refrain from posting anything that gives too much of an insight into your personal life. While it would probably be the better decision to forego social media altogether, at least during the pendency of the divorce, if you find you cannot, just be discerning and smart about what you post. But always keep in mind, that anything you post may be used as ammunition against you on your next court date.

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