Divorce Via Facebook


Starting a divorce action was just made a little easier by a Judge in New York County. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper granted a woman’s request to serve her Husband with divorce papers via a Facebook private message.

In New York State, after a spouse files a summons for divorce, which starts the divorce process, that individual must have their spouse personally served with the divorce papers, unless the court grants some other means of service.

In the above case, Justice Cooper granted the wife the ability to serve her husband by means other than personal service. In the past, other service has included publication in newspapers, but now with the far reach of social media, we have the ability to contact people who otherwise are unreachable.

You can read more about this on CNN’s article by Stephanie Gallman on the website titled “Divorce by Facebook: New York woman gets OK to file papers online” at


The above decision is great news for individuals who are unable to locate their spouses despite a diligent effort.

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