Facing the Holidays after Divorce


For some couples, ending a marriage is undoubtedly the best option: but that doesn’t mean the aftermath is a walk in the park. After a divorce, exes can face depression and anxiety from being alone without their family, especially during the holidays. However, there are ways to fight back against the “holiday blues”.

Change Doesn’t Have to Be Bad

When facing the holidays after a divorce, the best advice is to remember that a change to the status quo does not necessarily mean “bad”. Our brains are wired to enjoy familiarity, so when something is different from the norm, we naturally don’t like it. However, if you take the time to recognize that change can be good, and enjoy the new experiences, it can help you overcome the emotional hardship of your new circumstances.

Make New Traditions

If this is your first holiday season without your ex or your children, you should think about starting some of your own holiday traditions. We love the holidays because they make us think of good memories from our pasts, and this year, you can create good memories all on your own.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some suggestions:

  • Go out to see a movie or watch a favorite movie;
  • Make a special dinner for friends, or cook a meal with your kids;
  • Buy new decorations for the house;
  • Reach out and visit a family member or friend that you haven’t seen in a while;
  • Go holiday “light viewing”;
  • Create a new holiday/cultural tradition. Look to your own roots for inspiration, it can be as simple as teaching the kiddos how to say “happy holidays” in another language, or as elaborate as fixing a traditional holiday food from across the globe. Another idea: invite friends over for a multicultural holiday party.

Don’t Feel Bad for Feeling Good

If you’re excited about having the holidays to yourself, don’t feel bad about it! After a divorce, many people think they need to be full of remorse or sorrow being alone during the holidays, but in reality, “me time” can be very satisfying and relaxing. Therefore, if you’re having a great time, keep on keeping on and don’t be sorry for it!

The holidays don’t have to be drag, but it might take a fresh perspective! We hope this blog inspired you to revel in new adventures this season. Celebrate the season and the opportunities of a new year: no matter who you are (or aren’t) celebrating with!

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