Join Our All-Star Cast Complimentary Meeting This Week!


On Thursday, March 31, 2016, Jamie Wolf, Vice President of Wealth Management and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst will be hosting an all-star cast complimentary meeting. Our team at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. would like to invite any persons interested in learning more about the four all-star professionals. Each of the all-stars will discuss various issues regarding separation, divorce, life after divorce, and many other issues you may find relevant:

Our speakers include the following individuals:

  • Beatty Cohan:

She is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, sex therapist, and author of For Better, for Worse, Forever: Discover the Path to Lasting Love. Additionally, she is the host of ASK BEATTY, a podcast designed to debate and discuss current mental health issues.

  • Jacqueline Harounian:

She is a family law and matrimonial attorney who will discuss the legal aspects of the phases of “pre-separation” to “post-divorce” and the recent changes in divorce law. In addition, she will explain her philosophy regarding how to best help people get through difficult family challenges.

  • Jamie Wolf:

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who will discuss the financial aspects of divorce, which can be the most complex part of the settlement along with steps that can be taken to lessen the financial burden of a divorce.

  • Janet Goldfarb:

A Certified Life Coach and Dating Coach who will offer dating advice, including how people can improve their online dating profiles.

Our team will provide all visitors with refreshments, so you can come after work!

The Location

The event will be held in the Met Life building located at the address listed below:

UBS Financial Services Inc.200 Park Avenue, 18th Floor

NYC, New York 10166

Attendees are permitted to enter through any Grand Central entrances or through the entrance on 45th Street between Lexington and Vanderbilt.

Questions About the Event?

If you have any questions regarding the event or the topics that will be discussed, do not hesitate to contact Sharyn O’Mara, the Communications Director at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates. She can be reached by telephone at 516-773-8300 or by email at If you choose to contact O’Mara or the firm, please provide your full name. Please note that we will not send confirmation e-mails to those who choose to email any questions.

*We ask that all attendees note that any information stated during the event is not confidential and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

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