Mentally Disabled Couple Permitted to Marry and Live Together

Matrimonial Law

A mentally disabled couple was notified by a group home that they could not live together after marriage, and filed a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act for the right to do so.

As part of the lawsuit, the group home director stated his belief that they were not capable of cohabitating due to their inability to perform various tasks such as taking care of money on their own.

However, it was decided that the couple could live together, after it was determined that they were emotionally and mentally mature enough for a sexual relationship and that they could handle marriage. As a result of the lawsuit, the couple was given their own apartment in the group home facility.

This lawsuit sets an important precedent when it comes to the rights of people with disabilities to marry and live together. The decision is confirmation of the importance we hold as a society for the right to marry, even among those with disabilities.

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