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Wisselman, Harounian & Associates Attorney Jacqueline Harounian is presenting “Smart Money Strategies” for the Attorney and Accountants Committee at the Nassau County Bar Association!

Many men and women, whether single, divorced or married, are not proactive enough about their finances. Some are not actively engaged in tax planning, investments or budgeting. Significant life setbacks including divorce, death of a spouse, or illness can cause a financial crisis. “Smart Money Strategies” is a workshop that teaches the importance of advance planning and independence when it comes to managing assets, debts, expenses and income. The importance of estate planning, being on the title of assets, awareness of lines of credit and other debts, and how to protect inheritance will also be addressed. A wealth manager from Slate Stone and a real estate broker from Douglas Elliman will also be on hand to answer questions and provide advice and handouts.

This event is open to judges and lawyers who are members of the Bar, as well as accountants on the committee, and others in the Association. The Nassau County Bar Association has several operational and professional committees related to different legal areas, such as education, environmental, immigration, and bankruptcy law.

The Nassau County Bar Association is a professional organization for attorneys in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. Through membership, lawyers and judges can participate in various conferences, workshops, and other events related to the legal industry.

Attorney Jacqueline Harounian’s “Smart Money Strategies” will be presented on May 29th.

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