Password Protection and Expectations of Privacy

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In today’s digital age, it seems as though we have to make online accounts for every action we take. Whether it be for online banking, making doctors’ appointments, or even purchasing concert tickets, everything these days requires a username and a password.

How can we possibly expect to remember all of the usernames and passwords for potentially hundreds of accounts? Read on for the answers you need.

Protecting Your Passwords

There are a number of ways you can keep your passwords safe. The following tips can help you keep your accounts secure:

  • Choose a strong password. Don’t pick something that people can easily guess. Don’t use sequential numbers (like 1234) or easy-to-guess words (like “password”).
  • Utilize multi-factor authentication. Many online services provide multi-factor authentication, which creates an additional step to take before you’re able to access your account. For instance, some websites require you to input your cell phone number so they can text you an authentication code, which you are then required to enter into their system.
  • Use biometrics when available. If you’re able to sign on using your fingerprint or face ID, use these features. These login methods are more secure and don’t require you to type in your password over and over.
  • Use different passwords. It’s best not to use the same password across many accounts. If one of your accounts experiences a breach and you use the same password for everything, you open up all your other accounts, too.
  • Use a password manager. Password managers are useful tools to keep track of your usernames and passwords for all your different accounts. They’ll even automatically fill them out for you!

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