Same-Sex Couples Group Launches

Same-Sex Marriage

Tonight attorneys Lauren Chartan and Jordan Trager are holding the first meeting on LEGAL ISSUES FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES at our office. Thanks to a wonderful article in Newsday, we expect to put a few extra chairs in our conference room tonight and we are more than happy to do so. Couples are invited to a complimentary meeting to get legal information, ask questions and discuss the new rights and responsibilities that the NY same-sex marriage law has brought forth. While there was lots of celebrating when the law passed last month, now the discussion turns to what this actually means from a legal perspective. There is sure to be interesting discussion about how people can best protect themselves, their family and their assets as they contemplate marriage, since New York state’s benefits and rights that come with a same-sex marriage is not universally recognized, and the validity of New York State same-sex marriages continue to be challenged by a number of states and the Federal government. We look forward to helping those traveling down this uncharted path in our group tonight.

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