Social Media’s Impact on Your Divorce


Don’t allow social media posts to derail your divorce process. Talk to a Long Island divorce attorney and discuss how social media can affect your divorce settlement or custody arrangements. Several wives and husbands have made costly mistakes on social media that jeopardized their divorce process. What are the typical social media mistakes that can affect your divorce? How can you avoid these mistakes? Let us look for the answers to these questions and how a lawyer can help.

Avoiding Social Media Mistakes?

You can avoid making mistakes by merely limiting the number of sensitive social media posts. Make your life private and reduce posts that discuss personal matters. Never discuss your divorce with your ex online. If possible, block him or her together with mutual friends that could leak your information to your ex.

It is also advisable to change passwords and adjust privacy settings to prevent your ex’s counsel from following your moves. Don’t flirt with private messages because they could be used against you. Delete everything that could affect your divorce and talk to an experienced lawyer to guide you. Even though some of your social media posts and information can be recovered, deleting will make it hard to recover them. You can also search your name on Google and identify sensitive information that you might need to pull down. Inform your lawyer about your ex’s social media posts that could help your case.

How Social Media Affects The Divorce Process

The family judge could consider information from your social media accounts. If you are pleading poverty, for instance, and you keep posting photos of expensive cars and high-end life, you might raise questions about possible hidden bank accounts and complicate the matter. If you keep posting negative information about your ex, the court may believe that you are trying to alienate the kids.

Many people have posted pictures and information that made them lose everything. For example, if a mom posts pictures of kids with alcoholic drinks or in settings meant for adults, the social media post may be used by the attorney to support the unfit parenting claim. Some husbands seek to reduce the support amount by claiming disability or health problems. If you do this, posting photos or videos of yourself engaging in rigorous activities or extreme sports could prove otherwise and complicate your case.

These are just a few ways in which social media can affect your divorce. Although these mistakes are common and seem harmless at first, most posts could prompt investigations and unearth evidence that could be used against you. The Long Island divorce attorney understands how social media could affect your divorce process and can help you to stay safe.

How We Can Help

Divorce is a serious process that could affect the rest of your life. It is essential to take every step to protect yourself and fight for a favorable outcome of the case. We can help you avoid trouble on social media. At Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, we help our clients with every aspect of the divorce process. We have been in the industry for years and can help you negotiate for fair settlements or custody arrangements. We know what can work for or against you during the divorce process. Don’t go through the process alone; contact us today for legal assistance.

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