Special Client Memories

Child Support

We have represented many, many clients over time, and every year there are certain ones that stay with you. Sometimes it is because they were incredibly kind or unbelievably wronged and we were so gratified to have helped them. Some of them stand out because they are neighbors, or because of their wealth, or their positive attitude through such a difficult time. One client we will all remember brought cakes and cookies each time he came. Another client brought huge vegetables from his garden and handed them to us with love. Sometimes they bring nothing other than their appreciation, and they stand out in our memories for their humility. It is like I imagine it would be with a long time teacher: memories of some students blur together as the years pass since they were students, but several others will always stand out in our mind.

Jackie Harounian is working on a case right now that we know will be one of those that will remain in our minds and out hearts for a long time. Why? The client is serving our country, stationed in Georgia an d involved in a child support matter. It is a pro bono case we took on through the ABA Pro Bono Military Project, and well worth it for so many reasons. While he is serving in the military and going through a child support dispute, at least he doesn’t have to worry about how he will pay his legal bills . And further, Jackie will provide him with all of her knowledge and compassion to help him through this difficult time. Everyone gives back in different ways and feeling good about it is part of the doing-good package. With this case, we feel good because we are doing something helpful and this particular person will be one of those that will really stand out in our memories and bring a smile to our faces.

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