The Gilded Cage by Attorney Harounian Highlights Affluent Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is not an issue unique to any one social circle or walk of life. The truth is women and men — but especially women — in every corner of the world are frequently harmed or endangered due to physical violence or mental abuse caused by a family member.

In order to help spread awareness of domestic violence in affluent households, Attorney Jacqueline Harounian has authored a piece titled “The Gilded Cage.” Most people wrongly assume that domestic violence is only something that afflicts women of lesser income. The Gilded Cage brings attention to the fact that women in powerful positions and gainful employment can also face domestic abuse.

Throughout the piece, Attorney Harounian discusses factors that lead to domestic violence, how they are not linked to anyone lifestyle in particular and related official studies. She also describes how to detect warning signs of domestic violence in a relationship. Women and men in affluent households may be blinded by their otherwise-comfortable living, unable to see the real danger created by their spouse or significant other, whether it is physical harm or emotional abuse. By knowing the telltale signs of an abusive partner, it might be possible to spot harm on the horizon and leave the relationship before it worsens.

(You can read The Gilded Cage in its entirety by clicking here for part one and here for part two. We have uploaded the article to our website as a two-part PDF series.)

Helping the World Stop Domestic Violence

Beyond writing The Gilded Cage, Attorney Jacqueline Harounian has played an active and important role in associations that focus on preventing and stopping family violence, wherever it may be. She regularly volunteers with and acts on the advisory board of Jewish Community Relations Council – Long Island. She is also known for her volunteer work with the Hope Against Domestic Violence Committee of UJA, The Safe Center, and many others.

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