Voters Approve Marriage Equality

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Voters approve marriage equality

In a sign that public opinion is finally shifting in their direction, supporters of marriage equality scored election night victories in Maine and Maryland when voters approved referendums on same-sex marriage, the first time they have done so at the ballot box.

Voters in Washington also appeared to have approved a referendum on same-sex marriage, but final results are not expected until later this week. Voters in Minnesota also rejected a constitutional amendment that would have solidified the existing ban on same-sex marriage.

Tuesday’s election also marked another milestone: Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin became the first openly LGBT candidate elected to the United States Senate.

It had been a constant theme of opponents of same-sex marriage that marriage equality could not win a majority vote at the ballot box and that whenever the issue had previously been put before voters it lost.

Six other states—Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Iowa, Vermont, New York and Connecticut—and the District of Columbia, presently allow same-sex marriage as a result of legislation and the courts.

Tuesday’s election will surely be remembered as an historic turning point for civil rights for the LGBT community.

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