What E-Nuptial Agreements Can Do For You


Have you ever thought that electronic devices may be causing friction in your relationship with your significant other? Maybe browsing the web at the dinner table is becoming a normal routine? Or perhaps your spouse is buried in their phone during date night? If any of these things, or perhaps something similar, seems to be interfering in your relationship, then an e-nuptial agreement may be for you!

People are familiar with what a post-nuptial agreement is – an agreement made by a couple during the marriage, determining the distribution of shared assets if the marriage is to fail. E-nuptial agreements are somewhat different. They’re agreements made before or during the marriage, regulating the use of electronic devices between couples. This includes, but is not limited to, when it’s acceptable to use the laptop, when texting is appropriate, including where devices are allowed. This requires both individuals to work together, consulting with one another as to when they use their electronic devices, especially over a long period of time. This includes times they’re around their spouse, their children, and even in social groups.

These rules and restrictions are with the clear intention of making sure quality interactions are preserved within their family. Rather than abbreviated texting with your significant other during the day about how your day is going, why not use that potential conversation starter later on when you’re both at home together? That’s what the e-nuptial agreement promotes and in theory, also promotes meaningful conversation rather than quick texts sent on the run.

With the rise of electronic devices in our daily lives, it’s almost impossible to enter a room that is electronic device-free. Whether it’s a television or a computer, couples are faced with the challenge of constant distraction, sometimes from the quality time they could have, instead, been spending with their spouse or children. Although the convenience of having electronic devices around will not change any time soon, e-nups are here to ensure that it won’t become an issue during your relationship.

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