What Are the Steps to Getting a Prenup?

Step 1: You are engaged.  Congratulations!

Step 2: You start to discuss your goals and financial future as a couple, including having children, your assets and debts, income and expenses.  The subject of a prenup comes up between the two of you, or one side suggests it (often due to high income, a trust, ownership of a business, or real property, or children from a prior relationship).

Step 3: You meet with an attorney to get advice.  Both parties will need their own attorney.

Step 4: Gather a list of assets and debts and share them with your attorney.

Step 5: Discuss important terms with your attorney.  Review the agreement once it is prepared.  

Step 6: Both attorneys review terms and make edits.

Step 7: The prenup is signed (ideally at least 1 month before the wedding.)  Now you can focus on wedding planning.

Step 8: Enjoy the Big Day!

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